Analytics & Optimization

MS_4With T2M Mobile, you can maximize ad revenues from your mobile traffic by choosing from a range of ad formats, including video, text, banners, and live streaming video ads.

We boast a unique an innovative advanced targeting engine to optimize campaigns and increase your ROI according to demographics, context, behavior and device type/OS.

T2M Mobile's detailed analytics allows you to monitor performance, while continuously adjusting campaigns to maximize revenue from ad placement. The system's strength is due in part to its unique human management and its unprecedented levels of optimization. Publishers profit from our innovative use of integrated mobile web advertising, direct marketing and mobile app campaigns - all from one unified platform.

Range of click behaviors

App & Website Development


Bytefield's experienced developers can assist you with anything from Games, Entertainment, Education to Lifestyle apps. Our team of mobile application developers are always ready to develop apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and other apps as mentioned below:

Expert Areas of Mobile Application Development

  • Enterprise Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile & Tablet Based Dashboard
  • B2B Mobile Solutions
  • SAP Integration
  • Location Based Applications
  • iCal Based Applications
  • Ecommerce Applications
  • Newstand Applications
  • Passbook Applications
  • Mobile App Porting
  • Entertainment Applications
  • Media Applications
  • Mobile Analytics


Our Methodolgy

  • Mobile delivery methodology (distributed agile)
  • Mobile architecture frameworks, tools, and accelerators
  • User experience prototyping approach
  • Collaborative architecture and design
  • Comprehensive testing and deployment
  • Mobile Testing capability across device, carrier, platform
  • Mobile platform agnostic approach (native or browser based)

  • Mobile Game Development

    Besides developing mobile applications, T2M Digital also develops games features for mobile devices.

  • Mobile Web Development

    The World Wide Web has now come into your palm with the introduction of mobile web. Lot of websites have been developed with their mobile versions. T2M Digital renders excellent services to its clientele globally, in terms of mobile web development.

  • Custom Mobile Application Development

    Custom mobile application development combines leading edge commercial and custom applications, middleware and platforms. So organizations can deploy, secure and implement easy-to-manage mobile functionality.

Supported Ad Formats


Text Adds

An optimal way of advertising on mobile devices, text ads are delivered to mobile websites (WAP) across T2M Mobility's network and formatted based on WAP specifications. T2M Mobility offers comprehensive targeting capabilities, including location-based, device characteristics, time, and channel, fully available for text ads.


Standard Text Ad specifications (based on MMA guidelines):

  • 35 characters max total, including spaces
  • Depending on device - 3 lines max, up to 16 characters p/ line
  • Can support multiple ads per mobile page


MS_7Banner Ads

Mobile Suported Ad Formats Banner ads can attract users' attention on mobile devices and redirect them to mobile landing pages. Here too, we adhere to MMA guidelines for the various banner ad sizes we support.

Standard Banner Ad specifications (based on MMA guidelines):

Small Image Banner Medium Image Banner
MS_8 Ms_9
Dimensions: 120x20 pixels
Formats supported: GIF, PNG, JPG
Dimensions: 168X28 pixels
Formats supported: GIF, PNG, JPG
Large Image Banner X-Large Image Banner
MS_10 MS_11
Dimensions: 120x20 pixels
Formats supported: GIF, PNG, JPG
Dimensions: 168X28 pixels
Formats supported: GIF, PNG, JPG

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